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After over five years of research we overcame the difficulties of bonding PEEK to zirconia to create ZIRPEEK®…a truly unique and ground-breaking product.

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Why ZIRPEEK® is the best

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finest materials

All our appliances from the premier ZIRPEEK® full-mouth dental restoration, to DigiSmile® dentures, to our dental crowns are made with the best materials available. And if we aren’t satisfied with those options, we engineer something better.

Zirconia is the strongest material used in dentistry and our proprietary formula gives us total control over the strength and aesthetics of each ZIRPEEK®. Our zirconia is engineered so that each crown displays a truly lifelike depth and translucency just like natural teeth.

Strength is another consideration when creating the ideal zirconia. We want patients to feel confident they can use their new teeth like they would real teeth.

PEEK, (polyether ether ketone), is a colorless, organic thermoplastic polymer. It has several invaluable applications, one of which is bio-medically. PEEK is successfully being used in bone and cartilage restorations, such as spinal, orthopedic, and maxillofacial.

PEEK is the infallible substructure to ZIRPEEK® restorations, ideal for its bonelike properties. Similar to bone in weight, strength and flexibility PEEK has the unique ability to move with the jaw. This reduces strain on implants significantly, protecting them from the taxing forces created by biting and chewing.

PEEK’s ability to absorb shock is another unquestionable distinction. A full zirconia restoration absorbs 0% of the shock when the teeth are brought together, whereas PEEK absorbs and evenly distributes 85% of the stress. This is just one more example of the superiority of PEEK.

Unlike a full zirconia restoration which consists of a heavy, solid block of zirconia, ZIRPEEK® weighs in at only one-third of that for a much more comfortable fit.

Digital Dental Fusion isn’t the first to consider PEEK for dental restoration applications, but we are the only ones who have been able to resolve the issue of bonding zirconia to PEEK, something that has eluded all until now.



laser sharp exactness

First, measurements are taken, then they’re recorded digitally. Next, we custom design each ZIRPEEK® and finally render each denture with our 3D printers.

ZIRPEEK® crowns are milled individually for an even higher level of realism.

Done digitally, we are able to take measurements and create ZIRPEEK® within nanometers of perfection. Something that cannot be accomplished using traditional methods.

unparalleled natural aesthetic

We possess an extensive digital library of detailed lifelike aesthetics. This paired with additional masterfully hand-painted detail completes an unquestionable natural look.

patients love them

Your patients will love their ZIRPEEK® for it’s lifelike aesthetic and natural, comfortable fit. No other dental restoration looks, feels, or functions more like real teeth than ZIRPEEK®.

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Workflow Interruptions

ZIRPEEK® integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow so you can continue on with your day without any interruptions.


Customer Support

Digital Dental Fusion offers around the clock support plus training for dentists and their teams.



We’ve created ZIRPEEK® to mimic real teeth and we’re not happy until you and your patient are 100% satisfied.

we will help you get started

Our Smart Denture Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility located within our lab. We address all types of of restoration from overdentures, to partials and crowns, full-mouth implant dentures, to traditional dentures. Learn the ZIRPEEK® method in our clinic or we are happy to come to you.

stay ahead of the game

Smart Denture Clinic

DigiSmile’s Smart Denture Clinic is located within Digital Dental Fusion’s lab. Why waste time communicating with a lab across the city? Have all your denture work done at our denture clinic where questions can be addressed immediately by the very people who make the dentures.

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