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Your Digital Dental Full-Arch Solution

ZIRPEEK® saves you time and money by incorporating our unique digital process in combination with our materials, that together create a smile your patients will love in less time, accurately. 

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Get it right the first time.

As a ZIRPEEK® certified dentist you save time and money.

Going fully digital means:

  • Complete tissue scan in less time
  • Eliminating the need for multiple analogue impressions
  • We begin working on your case in minutes 
  • Less chair time per patient

Not ready to go fully digital? We can work with analogue impressions too.

Interested in a fully streamlined, digital workflow? We will come to your practice with a PiC and Medit i500 scanner and demonstrate just how easy a case can be.

Call to schedule an in-office demonstration of a fully digital workflow.

ZIRPEEK® is...

  • Compatible with a fully digital or analogue workflow
  • High aesthetics
  • Durable definitive restoration
  • Affordable
  • Shock absorbent - with properties similar to bone, forces caused by chewing & biting are evenly redistributed
  • Lightweight - only a third of the weight of a full zirconia hybrid
  • Natural function - ZIRPEEK® mimics the mandible with it's bone-like quality, a slight 'give' means less strain on the implants and bone
  • High biocompatibility
  • Available for all major implant systems & multi-unit abutments
Zirconia Peek weight

Material Benefits of ZIRPEEK®

Zirconia Crowns

ZIMO Crowns

Modern zirconia is not what it used to be. Transformation toughening is a key feature that enhances the durability of Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal (TZP).

  • Generation 1: 3Y TZP zirconias are strong, but not very aesthetic.
    • 1,200+ MPa, 40% translucency, exhibits transformation toughening
  • Generation 2: 5Y TZP zirconias are aesthetic, but not very strong.
    • 750 MPa, 49% translucency, does NOT exhibit transformation toughening
  • Generation 3: 4Y TZP zirconias are the perfect balance of aesthetics and strength.
    • 1,000 MPa, 45% translucency, exhibits transformation toughening

With DDF’s proprietary zirconia formula, we maintain total control over the translucency and materials used in manufacturing for the most realistic-looking hybrid on the market.

Our formula is the highest quality zirconia. You will find no hidden, lesser quality ingredients which cause weaknesses in other manufacturers zirconia.

Zirconcia Etching 1000x Magnification

Digital Dental Fusion has developed a process to etch the zirconia and PEEK surfaces to eliminate debonding.

Until this process, you could not etch zirconia crowns.


1000x etching magnification

50 Micron
Aluminium Oxide

etching 50 micron aluminum oxide

DDF Treatment

etching DDF treated

PEEK substructure

PEEK transparent

A High Performance Polymer (HPP) with ideal properties for dental restorations.

Until now there has been one way to strengthen a hybrid – by milling a metal bar within the hybrid.


A mandible moves, stretches, gives. A metal bar cannot, and often causes great strain on the implants often leading to the implants failing. 

PEEK is a material very similar to bone. PEEK mimics the way a jaw bone would behave, resulting in less strain on the implants and more comfort for your patient. 

The ‘softer’ quality of PEEK acts as a shock absorber, soothing and distributing the extreme forces caused by chewing and biting.

  • Lightweight
  • Elastic
  • Moves with mandible
  • Shock absorbant 
  • Tase Neutral
  • Extremely low water absorption
  • Non-allergenic
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Easily milled
  • Radiolucent

Resin components

ZIRPEEK hybrid

Composite resin is a complex of monomers and fillers. Compounding and intertwining these materials has a major effect on their physical properties and performance.

We call this “TWiNY” – a combination of Twin and Twine to express the ideas of “the best combination of different materials”

  • Strong bond to PEEK
  • Easy to adjust
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Long lasting color

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