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ACEGUIDE™ is a comprehensive guided implant surgery system. An efficient, predictable method that makes All-on-X surgeries accessible even to dentists new to full-arch surgeries.

ACEGUIDE™ Implant Surgery System

The ACEGUIDE™ is a comprehensive guided implant system that makes All-on-X surgeries predictable and efficient by eliminating the guesswork. When coupled with our unparalleled final restorations, the package is complete with ACEGUIDE2FINAL. Using our guided system, you will have your patient from scans to final restoration in just three visits!

With each ACEGUIDE, you’ll have a strategic case planning meeting (ZOOM) attended by all contributing parties: Designer, Doctor, and Lab, and each implant is discussed in detail. Head into surgery prepared, assured that everyone is on the same page, having received all tools and guides in advance, and having a clearly defined and thought out surgical plan.

Whether you have hundreds of All-on-X cases under your belt or you are new to full-arch surgeries, ACEGUIDE will cut the time of surgery and remove the uncertainties of each case.

How It Works

  • Send impressions, bite, CT scan, and photos to Digital Dental Fusion. (Patient visit #1)
  • Case planning & strategy ZOOM meeting with the Designer, Doctor, and Lab. Each implant will be discussed: size, placement, angle, bone density, etc.
  • All details are approved at this meeting.
  • In 2 weeks, the ACEGUIDE kit arrives with all necessary tools and guides.
  • Upon receipt of the ACEGUIDE kit, surgery will be scheduled.
  • 2 hour surgery (Patient visit #2)
  • After 5 months of healing, final restoration is delivered and ACEGUIDE2FINALis complete. (Patient visit #3)

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