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In today’s uncertain world you don’t want to leave anything to chance. One thing for certain is DigiPartial’s two appointment, two week turnaround time to deliver stylish dentures that fit right the first time.

A million dollar smile doesn't have to cost a million dollars

Why DigiPartial® is the best

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DigiSmile’s strength

Lower DigiPartial® denture

finest materials

All our appliances from the premier ZIRPEEK® full-mouth dental restoration, to DigiPartial® partials and dentures, to our dental crowns are made with the best materials available. And if we aren’t satisfied with those options, we engineer something better.

Our proprietary zirconia formula gives us total control over the strength and aesthetics of each DigiPartial®. Our zirconia is engineered so that each crown displays a truly lifelike depth and translucency just like natural teeth.

Strength is another consideration when creating the ideal zirconia. We want patients to feel confident they can use their new teeth like they would real teeth.

Watch the video to see an impressive example of the resilience of DigiSmile®.

lasersharp exactness

First, we take measurements, next, they’re recorded digitally. Then, we custom design each DigiPartial® and finally render each denture with our 3D printers.

Done digitally, we are able to take measurements and create DigiPartial® within nanometers of perfection. Something that cannot be accomplished using traditional methods.

unparalleled natural aesthetic

We possess an extensive digital library of detailed lifelike aesthetics. This paired with additional masterfully hand-painted detail completes an unquestionable natural look.

patients love them

Your patients will love their DigiPartial® for it’s lifelike aesthetic and accurate, comfortable fit – without the need for messy adhesives. And best of all, they’re ready when your patients’ want them…now.

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Let the smiles speak for themselves



Two Appointments

At the first appointment impressions or scans are taken. Exact measurements are recorded easily with our patent pending OraKey™.


Two Weeks

In only two weeks turn aorund time, DigiPartial® is ready for delivery. 90% fit right the first time without the need for multiple adjustments.


Workflow Interruptions

DigiPartial® integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow so you can continue on with your day without any interruptions.

we will help you get started

Our denture clinic is a state-of-the-art facility located within our lab. We address all types of of restoration from overdentures, to partials and crowns, full-mouth implant dentures, to traditional dentures.

stay ahead of the game

Denture Clinic

DigiPartial’s denture clinic is located within Digital Dental Fusion’s lab. Why waste time communicating with a lab across the city? Have all your denture and partial work done at our denture clinic where questions can be addressed immediately by the very people who make the dentures.

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