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End To End Implant Solutions

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We bring the equipment and technology to your practice to acquire all necessary case records. 

An expert CAD specialist will design a beautiful, custom prosthetic for your patient and we will 3D print the teeth in your practice for delivery the same day. We provide all the necessary equipment and materials.

Our CAD specialist will be available to guide and support you through the digital process via your custom case management portal where you can review designs and communicate seamlessly.

Back to the basics: we continue to offer our classic denture to implant hybrid conversion, completed in under 45 minutes following surgery. We will capture scan data and have your PMMA try in for the final prosthetic ready for your healing follow up.

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provisional options

cad/3d printed pmma resin

Our CAD designed and 3D printed custom provisional allows you to seamlessly customize the final from the start. 

classic converted acrylic

The classic direct conversion of a prefabricated acrylic denture alongside digital scanning technology allows you to easily transition to your PMMA try in.

final options

polypeek™ arch

The best of the best. Our POLYPEEK™ arch mimics natural teeth with individually milled nano-polyceramic crowns and tissue made from a nano zirconia-filled resin, fused onto a PEEK thimble substructure, and additionally supported with a full length titanium bar frame.


Our advanced monolithic zirconia arch with a coinciding custom fabricated titanium frame layered by nano zirconia-filled resin cement. This arch has no possibility for debonding.