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About Digital Dental Fusion

Digital Dental Fusion was established in 2013 in Korea as The Dental Solution, Inc. and later in the US in 2017 as Digital Dental Fusion by Daniel Cho, ND. Digital Dental Fusion stands as a global powerhouse in custom digital dental implant restorations. With a rich history of technological innovation, our commitment to advancing comprehensive treatment accessibility on a global scale remains unwavering.

Elevating Patient Expectations: A New Era in Dentistry

In today’s dental landscape, patients are setting higher standards for their oral care experience. Quality dental prosthetics, rapid procedures, and cost-effectiveness are increasingly in demand. Simultaneously, dentists seek streamlined workflows to optimize time utilization, enhance daily revenue, and meet patient desires.

Conventional approaches fall short of modern standards. 

Digital Dental Fusion is a catalyst for change.

Precision-Matched Expectations, Unbeatable Value

Digital Dental Fusion redefines patient satisfaction by delivering competitively priced dental restorations, boasting lifelike aesthetics and impeccable fit upon delivery. Our digitally fabricated appliances achieve an astonishing 99.9% accuracy rate on the first try. Swift turnarounds, efficient measurements, and perfectly fitting prosthetics empower both patients and dentists. This synergy liberates time for more cases, while fulfilling patients’ needs seamlessly.

Choose the Future with Digital Dental Fusion

Experience a paradigm shift in dental care with Digital Dental Fusion. Join us in embracing the future where innovation, precision, and patient-centricity converge for exceptional outcomes.

Our Philosophy

At Digital Dental, our philosophy revolves around enhancing the human experience in dentistry. We believe in fostering empathy and a collaborative partnership with both our clients and their patients.

Daniel Cho, ND, CEO

For over 40 years, Daniel Cho has had his hands in all things involving dental laboratories.

He has extensive knowledge and expertise in dental materials science, research and development, and dental laboratory manufacturing procedures. He has established leading dental laboratories worldwide, including Korea and the U.S.

Respected for his expert techniques and innovation in the dental field, Daniel lectures worldwide. Along with ZIRPEEK® and digiSmile®, Daniel invented a new milling technique: 0.2mm thin zirconia veneer milling, which is used for non-prepped veneers. He also developed a zirconia veneer inner surface treatment technique for high bonding strengths.