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Digital Dental Fusion’s dental restorations are digitally designed and 3D rendered for a precision fit that are ready when your patients want them…now.

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Exceptional Dental Restorations

These days patients are expecting more from their dentists. They’re demanding a higher standard of quality in their dental prosthetics, they want the process to be completed quickly and at the lowest cost.

Dentists are looking to streamline workflow efficiency in order to make the most of their time, thereby increasing daily revenue, all the while meeting patients’ expectations. 

It’s clear to us that the traditional way of doing things no longer meets today’s standards.

Digital Dental Fusion’s dental restorations will meet patients’ expectations with competitive pricing and restorations with unparalleled lifelike aesthetics.

Dentists benefit from our digitally produced appliances, manufactured with such accuracy that 90% fit right the first time. Our quick turnaround times, streamlined measurement process and remarkably fitting prosthetics will satisfy patients’ needs, while freeing up the day to take on more cases. 

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We love making people happy. Our dental restorations return confidence and provide an opportunity to live “normally” again.

our goal

We make replacing teeth attainable for all. Whether a premier full-mouth restoration from ZIRPEEK® or a more cost-effective option like dentures or partials from DigiSmile® and DigiPartial®, every appliance that leaves our lab is manufactured equally as resilient, comfortable and aesthetically lifelike.

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We’ve mastered the art and science of tooth replacement and we are excited to share our years of research and development with you.

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No interruption to
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Here at Digital Dental Fusion, we love our digital processes, but you may prefer another way. That’s not a problem because our restorations can start however you’re most comfortable, physical impressions or oral scans.

Our patent pending OraKey™ makes taking initial measurements a cinch and increases accuracy up to nanometers. Just take the measurements and leave the rest to us. 

Our digitally rendered and 3D printed restorations are designed to fit right the first time, freeing up your schedule to see more patients.


take impression as you normally would

We can create stunning, lifelike restorations from a physical impression or an intraoral scan.


measure using OraKey™

OraKey™ is a simple solution for taking exact measurements of the midline, smileline, VOD and lip support line.


Cut entire denture process in Half

The precision of our digitally produced prosthetics is so accurate it will fit right the first, eliminating the need for multiple appointments. 

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We believe that everyone deserves to smile, that means both patient and dentist. Digital Dental Fusion offers around the clock customer support.

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We offer around the clock customer support .