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A New Generation of Full Arch Implant Hybrids

Our innovative thinking continues to shape the dental landscape. As technology advances, Digital Dental Fusion remains at the forefront of digital technology, dental science and materials.

Despite the shortcomings of monolithic zirconia – heavy, too hard, breakages, unnatural sound and feel – it was the best we had until now.

Digital Dental Fusion’s “Unbreakable Fixed Implant Prostheses” combine four layers, each uniquely fabricated and formulated to protect dental implants and deliver the most true-to-life implant hybrid available.


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POLYPEEK prosthesis
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ZIRTIBAR™ prosthesis

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The demand for All-on-X is at an all time high and growing. To stay relevant and profitable you need to offer this procedure. Digital Dental Fusion makes it easy to start.

perform al-on-x with confidence

A2P's comprehensive, guided surgery system builds skills and confidence to take on full-arch cases today.

we bring the technology to you

Don't let the cost of training or equipment stand in your way. We'll bring a full digital workflow service to you and we take care of the digital records in your own office.

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